We are a small Devon based brand making organic, handcrafted chocolate products. 

Emma has always loved chocolate… but wanted to cut out sugar and processed food – finding herself making the trade-off for health over delicious treats. It was a struggle to find a health conscious product on the shelf that tasted good.

Soulsome chocolates are indulgent, health-conscious chocolates, free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. We believe that everything we put in our bodies should be nourishing, delicious and make you feel amazing.  

We are devoted to assembling the raw ingredients ourselves. Whether that be nut butters, vegan caramel or 12h stone ground chocolate. Our passion is to create products that are good for you, the communities who provide our ingredients and the planet.  As a brand we aspire to be pioneers of a less wasteful and healthier future.

We know you will feel the love that goes into making each bar.

Wholesome chocolate for your Soul.

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